How to Identify and Tackle Limiting Beliefs

“I have what feels like no extra money and no way to make my life any better.  I have learned how to listen to myself. But I can’t seem to physically move.  This is the ultimate frustration. Learning to listen but not able to act. Looking forward and not seeing better days.”

This is a passage from my journal.

I always felt doomed to fail.

When it came to blogging again and opening a business, I felt the same way.

I thought, “how do I know what my audience wants? I’m not going to be able to make any money. You need more time to gain an audience. Nobody will pay for what you have.”

Then, people became interested in my products. First, it was the body butters. Then winter came and interest in my teas and Elderberry Syrup skyrocketed.

People began saying how effective it was and how much it helped them. They passed on the word to their friends and family.

I was surprised!

I learned that those sentiments were limiting beliefs but they felt like facts.

Today, I’m going to show you how to understand how to identify your limiting beliefs and how you can begin to act.

What’s happening? Take note of your thoughts.

Every time I heard the negative voices, I thought it was the first time I’d heard them. When I read my journals, I understood that the same tape recorder plays each time I decide to move forward.

So, start writing down your thoughts. This will help you understand what are the things that stop you from moving forward.

Take an inventory of your life. What’s working and what don’t you like?

What do you want?

I was afraid to uncover what I wanted. I was afraid I wouldn’t get it. I struggled with what I should want versus what I actually wanted.

Whenever I tell people to do this, they always list what they assume they can do.

Don’t worry about what’s possible. Write down what you want.

Now, list your fears and the things you think you can’t do.

I wanted to be encouraged to keep showing up in my business and not have to show up. I learned that to be encouraged to keep going, I need to see the path forward and how I will achieve it.

But I also felt that I should be okay with not seeing results immediately as business owner. They say, that’s just how it is. I understood that I was actually frustrated because I did my part in the past and things kept happening that weren’t my fault. I never got to win.

So, I felt that it was pointless to even try again.

But I didn’t understand that I am at a different place in my life this time.

This time, I have the ability to gain the knowledge needed to succeed. I am not doomed to fail; I just need to know how to succeed.

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