It’s Gardening, Preserving, and Homesteading Season, Write With Us! What Questions do you Have?

It's gardening season! We will be talking about all things gardening, preserving, and homesteading. I would like to hear your questions! Please leave them below or you can contact me here. We are also looking for writers, if you have knowledge about these topics let's connect! You will get full credit for your post, it... Continue Reading →

How to Make Chicken Broth Using Rotisserie Chicken

You don't need a farm or fancy ingredients to make homemade foods! We use Rotisserie chicken for many things in my home when I thought, why not use it to make Chicken broth? Once we used the meat for various recipes (Chicken Alfredo, Chicken Caesar Wraps, and Salad) I froze the carcasses for later. When... Continue Reading →

Easy Stuffed Peppers (No Rice)

I decided to make some easy stuffed peppers for dinner with no rice! Here is how to make it. Ingredients 4 Boneless Skinless Chicken Thighs1 Small Chopped Onion2 T Jarred Jalepenos1-2 T Garlic8 oz Cream CheeseĀ½ pt Chicken BrothChipotle PowderTaco SeasoningSalt and PepperCheese (Mexican Blend, Provolone, Cheddar)3 Bell Peppers (halved)1 pt SalsaOlive Oil Instructions Preheat... Continue Reading →

You Can Preserve Tomatoes Without Growing Them

I see many people that grow and preserve their own tomatoes. While I would love to grow my own tomatoes, I haven't gotten to the point of growing enough for a year. Here is how I preserve my own tomatoes without having to grow them all. Check your local market for bulk discounts or discounts... Continue Reading →

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