Ep1: How to Identify and Tackle Limiting Beliefs

Today, I’m going to show you how to understand how to identify your limiting beliefs and how you can begin to act. Blog Post: https://athoughtsjourneyblog.com/2022/12/28/how-to-identify-and-tackle-limiting-beliefs/  This episode has been published and can be heard on Spotify! How to Create A Vision Board (Journal Writing) : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zGR2Z37hJ5Q Join our Membership Community: https://athoughtsjourneyblog.com/join-our-community/ Get 2 Free Guides (limited time) How to Discover What You Really... Continue Reading →

How to Identify and Tackle Limiting Beliefs

“I have what feels like no extra money and no way to make my life any better.  I have learned how to listen to myself. But I can’t seem to physically move.  This is the ultimate frustration. Learning to listen but not able to act. Looking forward and not seeing better days.” This is a... Continue Reading →

How to Make Chicken Broth Using Rotisserie Chicken

You don't need a farm or fancy ingredients to make homemade foods! We use Rotisserie chicken for many things in my home when I thought, why not use it to make Chicken broth? Once we used the meat for various recipes (Chicken Alfredo, Chicken Caesar Wraps, and Salad) I froze the carcasses for later. When... Continue Reading →

How to Discover What You Really Want

Conventional advice sucks. It doesn’t tell you how to uncover what you really want, how you can begin working to get it, and what are the underlying things that stop you from accomplishing your goals. It seems easy to discover what you really want but I understand that it’s not. Many times we focus on... Continue Reading →

I Met My Goal, Now What? How Do I Let Go of the Old Things to Take Hold of the New?

I always wanted to be more self-sufficient. I budgeted the time and money it would take in each area to accomplish this. I started with soaps, then making body butters, then candles. I soon recognized I didn’t want to use my store bought soap anymore. I became uncomfortable with the ingredients that was in it.... Continue Reading →

Why the Imaginary Arguments in Your Head are Good

Have you ever found yourself having an argument with someone else in your head? Recently, my team was discussing how to stop those arguments. Many said that they were bad, toxic and that they should be stopped by simply going to the other person and having a conversation. I disagree. Those scenarios that play out... Continue Reading →

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