Where to Find People in Your Niche to Come up With New Content and Get More Traffic

1. Join Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are a great way to see what questions people are asking in your niche! It is also a good way to gain traffic by answering questions and participating in the group.

2. Quora

I love using Quora to come up with post ideas. You can follow a topic, view and answer the most commonly asked questions.

3. Search WordPress

If you are a WordPress.com blogger, you can search your niche! Go to Reader, then Search to access this. I recommend sorting by date instead of Relevance to get the blogs that are still actively posting.

4. Join WordPress Challenges

Some challenges will have link parties that allow other bloggers who are doing the challenge to be spotlighted!

5. Pinterest

If you search on Pinterest, you will find what others are looking for in your niche! This is helpful for writing posts and you can interact with other bloggers who are in your niche.

6. YouTube Comments

The comment section of popular YouTuber’s is a great place to find fans asking questions!


1.Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are easy and as affordable as you make them. I find that they increase views and page likes but not engagement.

2. Pinterest Ads

This is one I’m still experimenting with. I found Pinterest to give a lot of passive traffic. With time, I’m willing to bet I will see more engagement here.

3. WordPress Ads

The ad itself was shown to many people; however, I didn’t see any increase in viewers on my blog.

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