How do I Identify my Target Audience?

How do I identify my target audience? What do they want? How do I uncover that? Where do I start? I don’t have any viewers asking me questions to answer.

Target audience
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Your ideal reader is you!

What helps you? What lessons did you learn? What skills have you acquired and why?  

Why I am writing this?

Start by understanding why you are writing the piece. What problem did you have?

Using my “Why Imaginary Arguments in Your Head are Good” post as an example:

I have had trouble understanding and communicating my thoughts. By working with them and not against those intrusive thoughts I have learned to understand what I am actually feeling myself and how to generate a life I love based on those small decisions.

I have found that by asking myself “What do I want to happen” in situations like these, I end up creating a life that I love.  

Who am I talking to?

This will help you with creating a title and promoting your posts.

Using my “Why Imaginary Arguments in Your Head are Good” post as an example:

  • People who have trouble with confrontation
  • People who need help validating their thoughts and communicating them in a way that they feel comfortable to do so.

What do I want them to understand after reading this?

This will help you close your blog post and start the call to action.

Using my “Why Imaginary Arguments in Your Head are Good” post as an example:

Arguments in your head are not bad. They are there to help you understand how you are feeling. By listening to these feelings, you will uncover why you are actually upset and what will resolve the situation for you.

You are your target audience. Start by understanding what helps you!

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