How to Come up with a TON of Ideas Consistently  

I always had trouble coming up with post ideas.

I used to hate the time I set aside to write and would procrastinate until I came back with weeks of no posts made. Then, I would feel guilty about not having any posts. After feeling this guilt, I would write with the pressure and guilt of not having written a post in a long time and not having any ideas to write.

I struggle with feeling unqualified to teach anything even though I know I have tremendous knowledge in the areas I’m passionate about.

A lot of the brainstorming tips and tricks from others included some of what I’m about to say but didn’t account for my lack of feeling enough. The mental block I have inside of me that says you don’t know enough, you won’t have enough to publish frequently, and everyone has already said what you have to say that prevented me from writing in the first place.

Once I learned how to brainstorm better, I was able to create a writing schedule that worked for me. I look forward to writing. I have plenty of time to do it as I can schedule my posts a month in advance.

No guilt, no pressure, and no strain. 

Today, I’m going to show you how I come up with a LOT of blog and video ideas consistently.

You are qualified – Here’s how

  • What do you want to write about?
  • What do you do on a daily basis?
  • What do you enjoy talking about? When others talk to you, what do you babble on about?
  • What do you find yourself watching on YouTube, Social Media or reading about?

Dealing with the Barriers

Writing is hard. Coming up with ideas consistently is intimidating.

Write down the barriers that prevent you from doing this. Write down the thoughts and feelings you have before coming up with ideas.

I have found that by doing this, my mind is free to move on after I’ve acknowledged what is preventing me from doing this.

Get 1 sticky note for each subject or blog category you want to write about.

Place 1 topic on each sticky note.

Take 1 sticky note subject and put the others aside.

Write all the ideas that come to your mind about this subject. If you get stuck, move on to the next sticky note and repeat the process. If you notice those barriers popping up, acknowledge them by writing them down. Once you’ve written out your feelings, get back to brainstorming.

The point is not to have perfect post ideas, it is to be able to write without feeling the pressure of coming up with ideas.

It is to come up with ideas that you are excited to write about and can write freely about. It’s to not feel pressured to come up with new posts every week.

Because of brainstorming this way, I am able to create a writing schedule that works for me. I am able to write more posts in a shorter period of time. I am able to schedule my posts a month in advance which allows me freedom to have an “off day” or for life to happen in the meantime.

You are qualified and able to come up with quality posts without feeling pressured to create a masterpiece. You are able to have a blog that doesn’t take up all of your time. You are able to write when you want to write. Contrary to popular belief you can do it they way you want to do it!

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I want to hear from you. What do you struggle with in blogging? What prevents you from have a blog and a business that you want to have?

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