I Met My Goal, Now What? How Do I Let Go of the Old Things to Take Hold of the New?

I always wanted to be more self-sufficient.

I budgeted the time and money it would take in each area to accomplish this. I started with soaps, then making body butters, then candles. I soon recognized I didn’t want to use my store bought soap anymore. I became uncomfortable with the ingredients that was in it. So I simply switched to using my own.

I began giving away some of the store bought soaps that had been sitting for over a year to eager family members. But later I noticed my store bought soap stash was running low and the time to go buy more was here.

Except, wait. Wasn’t I supposed to just use my own.

I have it on my shelf. Why can’t I give these away and depend on what I made. Why is this so hard to do?

This is what I wanted right? It is. Why can’t I get rid of the rest of them?

I felt that if I give them away something will happen to where I didn’t make enough or it went bad and I won’t have that safety net stash. But I also refused to use the store bought stash. It was just there for my mental stability.

I didn’t count on getting here this quickly. The fact that it wasn’t as hard as I anticipated made me feel suspicious.

It’s a space of “now what.” Is this the part where I let go of the old things to take hold of the new?

I learned this is why I sabotage myself. This is why I procrastinate. Because deep down, I don’t think I’ll be successful anyway. It’s not a conscious thing. But when I really dig down that is it’s core.

Now that I can be confident in what I put on my body, what now? Do I throw out the old things that take up space but provide the comfort of knowing that they are there in case of hard times?

The answer should be yes right but it’s a process.

It’s a process to learn when to let go in a way that you are ready

Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  1. In what ways do I sabotage myself?
  2. How can I expect to be successful?
  3. How can I meet my goals in a way that I want to?

It’s okay if it takes time. It’s okay if you aren’t ready right now. Explore that feeling, wrestle with it and give yourself time to really feel ready to make the next step.

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